Curriculum Samples

“The whole program tied together so well. Each day repeated the topic throughout the day’s lesson, music, crafts, games, and snack!” ~ Lori F.

All parts of your VBS day in The Kingdom Chronicles work together to solidify the day’s main point in the minds and hearts of your children. Check out the following samples to see for yourself how exciting and biblical The Kingdom Chronicles VBS is!

Student Guides

  • VBS student pages: Truth or Error

    Your students need more than just a coloring sheet to take home. The Kingdom Chronicles student guides provide a great way to review the day's main points.

    Your students will understand the origin of the battle between God's Good Kingdom and the Enemy's Bad Kingdom.

    The Armor of God Collectible Cards help your students memorize the week's memory verses from Ephesians 6.

  • VBS student pages: Choose Truth

    Each age group has an age-appropriate take-home sheet tailored to their Bible lesson experience.

    Choose Truth teaches your students how to Admit, Believe, and Forever Receive the gift of eternal life in God's Good Kingdom.

  • VBS student pages: Obey Truth

    Your younger students review the same topics through age-appropriate activities.

    Arm your students with the breastplate of righteousness as you teach the Bible’s account of King Josiah, who wanted to Obey the Truth of God's Word.

  • VBS student pages: Think Truth

    Learn to discern between truth and error by putting on the helmet of salvation.

    Deflect the Enemy’s darts of discouragement and doubt as you learn to Think Truth by taking up the shield of faith.

  • VBS student pages: Speak Truth

    Speak Truth as you train your brain to always look to the Bible to find out what God says about real-life issues: obeying authorities, marriage, and more.

    With the emphasis on Scripture memory, your students will want to use their Bibles even after they leave VBS!

Leader Guides

A good VBS program includes games, snacks, crafts and most importantly, Bible teaching. The Kingdom Chronicles difference is that all of your activities reinforce the main Bible teaching of the day.

  • VBS Leader Guide: Sir Gavin’s Games

    Sir Gavin’s Games Leader Guide gives you directions, supply lists, and a teaching tie-in for each game.

    Super simple ideas gives you easy options for both indoor and outdoor games.

    Just for the younger set provides options that make game time fun for all ages.

  • VBS Leader Guide: Cook’s Kitchen

    Ingredients, supplies, prep, tips, and a teaching tie-in for every snack idea.

    Repetition aids learning and even snack time provides a great opportunity to remind your students what they learned today.

  • VBS Leader Guide: Craft Courtyard

    Castles, catapults, crowns . . . your students will love The Kingdom Chronicles crafts!

    Even craft time teaches your students how to defend their faith with hands-on activities.

  • VBS Helper Handbook

    Helper Handbook provides information for your volunteers on how to lead a child to Christ, tips for working with children, safety precautions, and much more.

    Equip your workers with a deep understanding of the Armor of God.

    Prepare your volunteers with a detailed schedule so they know what to expect.

Director Guide

  • VBS Director Guide

    This easy-to-use guide contains everything you need to effectively coordinate and administer an amazing VBS.

    Director CD-ROM has all the digital assets you’ll need from clip art to customizable forms.

  • VBS Director Guide: Overview

    Terrific trivia tidbits: How thick were castle walls? How young could you train to be knight? Two full pages of medieval triva!

    Why were they called the Dark Ages? Because there were so many knights! Entertain your students with medieval jokes, tongue twisters, and knock-knock jokes.

    Medieval vocabulary words for almost every letter in the alphabet.

  • VBS Director Guide: Priorities & Planning

    Apart from Him we can do nothing. Top 10 tips for praying for your VBS.

    Schedule? Coming right up. Sample VBS schedules, countdown calendars, and more.

    Morning or evening? Five-day or three-day? Christian camp or homeschool co-op? The Kingdom Chronicles easily adapts to your needs!

  • VBS Director Guide: Recruitment & Promotion

    Recruitment: learn how many workers you need for each area and how to conduct workshops to train them.

    Promote your VBS effectively with The Kingdom Chronicles promotion schedules and ideas and products.

  • VBS Director Guide: Activities

    Supply lists show exactly what you need for crafts, snacks and more to prepare for your VBS.

    Royale Fun Fair: Festival face painting, goblet goodes, javelin practice, and more can help promote your VBS.

Teachers Guides

  • VBS Teacher Guide Covers

    Each teacher guide contains detailed, age-appropriate lesson plans for your Bible lesson time.

    Teacher Resource CD-ROM has all the digital assets your teacher will need to communicate effectively.

  • VBS Teacher Guide sample lesson

    Introduce it! Teach it! Apply it! Captivating introductions, exciting biblical teaching with activities, and life-changing application.

    Supplies, pre-prep, and tips help your teachers make every lesson a success.

    Decorating tips help make your classroom fun and adventurous.

  • VBS teaching aid posters

    Posters help decorate your teachers’ rooms and reinforce the lesson.

    Games like the Truth Or Error game help your students remember great biblical truths.

Posters and More

  • VBS Verse Memory Posters

    Verse posters help your students memorize scripture and remember the Armor of God with beautiful illustrations.

    Each age group gets their own poster to display the portion of the verse they are memorizing.

  • VBS Daily Overview Posters

    Daily overview posters show the major differences between the Good Kingdom and the Bad Kingdom.

    Truth and error are contrasted to drive home the importance of choosing your kingdom wisely.

  • VBS Toddler & Pre-Primary Station Posters

    Hang the appropriate 22x17 sign at the entrance to each of your stations to welcome your students.

    Station signs help you and your students keep track of what happens where.

  • VBS nametags, postcards, bookmarks & more

    Nametags, postcards, bookmarks, everything you need for a great VBS!

    This is only a fraction of the great resources that will be available for your VBS.